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Over 75% — that is, 3 out of every 4 people — in North America have tried online dating.  Chances are your ideal partner is online.

It takes 6-8 hours of online dating to find a single date. Also, people spend 5 hours a week reading profiles, 7 hours a week reading and responding to emails, for 1.8 hours of offline interactions. The ratio of search time to interaction time is 7:1!  How much is your time worth?  You’ll save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if A Million Matches does the work for you at less than $17 / hour using our matchmaking Compatibility Search.


How It Works

Step 1 Your interview

You begin with a 60-minute telephone interview with one of our matchmakers.  At A Million Matches, our goal isn’t to just get your likes, dislikes, wants & interests, but to develop an understanding of your narrative. We need to know how your ideal companion fits into your life.  All members are treated with the utmost respect and honesty. All information shared is held in the strictest confidence.

Step 2 We Set Up Your Online Profiles

Through careful analysis, we abstract your interview details into your online dating profile. We try to capture everything about you, but at the same time leave some mystery.  We employ a research-based photo selection process to identify the best photos for your profile. If needed, we will arrange for a professional, local photographer to take new photos of you.

Upon approval of your profile, we set up accounts on the online dating sites recommended for your goals.

Step 3 We Search for & Review All Matches

We sift through thousands of online dating profiles to find great candidates that match your preferences and are compatible with you.  We send candidates a few initial messages you have approved in order to engage them and find out more about them before sending them your way.

Step 4 We Email You a Weekly Shortlist of Candidates

These hand-picked candidates a) fit your preferences; b) are compatible with you; and c) are already interested in you.  You then choose who you’d like to get to know and, ultimately, who you’d like to meet in person. The control is always with you and you pick.

Step 5  We Plan Your Dates

Once an approved candidate has agreed to meet, we begin the transition back to the real world. We will either work out the details online or obtain their number so that the ‘when and where’ can be arranged. You will be brought up to speed to make sure your relationship starts off well. Our online dating experts are available to help you make sure your first date goes well.


Why It Works

1. Two Money-Back Guarantees*

You only pay if you are introduced to people who you feel you will like.

Also, A Million Matches scours each online dating site on your behalf. If who you are looking for is out there, we’ll find them — fast.

2. Privacy & Security

If you are worried about the stigma of online dating or simply worried about your photos being posted online, we have concrete solutions available for you to consider.

In addition, we see the same guys for different female clients on online dating sites and we know how that same guy interacts with different female clients of ours. We compile and use this information to help ensure our female clients spend time with the right people.

3. Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance underlies everything we do. Experienced, traditional matchmakers train our specialized staff. A Million Matches is designed to bring decades of research and experience to support you at every turn of the relationship building process, from your profile’s first impression to planning your offline date.

4. Work-Life Balance

Relationships and family make life worth living. We don’t just matchmake, rather we help you achieve the work-life balance you deserve and get you on track to experiencing more Life Satisfaction.

5. Relationship Success — Sooner

Most of our clients start dating within a month’s time and over 90% of them start a relationship within 3 months.  No other matchmaking service has this level of success.  See what our clients have to say: HERE.

Do not hire a traditional matchmaker.  With A Million Matches, you have a greater chance of finding exactly who you want since our online dating candidate pools dwarf traditional matchmaking pools by 1000 times.  Ask us about the stats for your local area.

6. Full-Service

A Million Matches is a full-service matchmaking and online dating assistance firm available to assist you with all your online dating needs, including:

    • Dating profile photography;
    • First date image consulting; and
    • Date planning


*Set-up fees are non-refundable.

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