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“I’m so positively thrilled with [my] profile.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the right mix of me! Thank you so much.  I’m excited to begin.  For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful.” — KJ, New York


“A Million Matches found me a great match. It gets better every day with him. I owe much to A Million Matches! Highlights of using the service: very thorough, upfront understanding of what I’m looking for in a relationship; quick turnaround in combing websites; great follow-through in terms of following up with potential dates to determine if they truly are viable; smooth hand-off. Net: makes the whole dating process really work. Thanks so much!!!” — Lisa, New York


“We got engaged on our one-year anniversary on March 28, [2016]! It’s like a dream…thank you so much!!” — Sabrina, New York


“After my divorce, A Million Matches was the perfect re-entry into dating.” — Kate, Toronto


“A Million Matches does incredible work.  It didn’t take long to have two high quality dates.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.” — Trace, Santa Cruz


“I cannot praise the team at AMillionMatches enough. From the initial consultation and profile development, they were knowledgeable and helpful. They dealt not only with the details but also with the vetting of potential matches. As a busy professional, I relied on their finding the right dates for me, and they did; instead of hours on dating sites I picked up the conversations when it was recommended in our weekly reviews. Indeed, although I balked at meeting someone further afield AMM persisted, so I agreed to meet for dinner, fell in love in two hours and a week later made a commitment. Wow. I was in control. I made all the decisions. But honestly I wouldn’t be in a wonderful, loving, supportive relationship without AMM. Thanks!” Ken, British Columbia
“I’m happily married to Sam, the man of my dreams, and we couldn’t have done it without [A Million Matches].  I didn’t know I could find someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this late in life, but A Million Matches found him and I’m a new woman because of it.” — Gina, Los Angeles


“My whole life changed with A Million Matches.  They gave me hope that I would find someone I was excited to be with.  Because of that I gained confidence and lived an all-around healthier life — mind, body and spirit.  After just two months, they found me Michael.  He’s a guy I would never have met on my own.  But I followed the A Million Matches process and it led me to an amazing guy.  He’s romantic, attentive and loving.  I told A Million Matches who I wanted to meet and they found me that and more.”  — Sabrina, New York


“Joining A Million Matches took the stress away from online dating, while still leaving me some sense of agency. I am very pleased with their guys they found from the great big sea of online choices. I am equally pleased with their ‘distillation’ process.  The filtering allows for focus rather than going numb as a consequence of volume.” — Carla, Toronto

“Sam and I have made a great connection.  He’s sweet and attentive and I look forward to what the future will bring.  I’m in my sixties and working with A Million Matches, I felt like a teenager again.  Yipes.  It got interesting.  I got a lot of interest from men I would actually date. There were many more than I expected!  The profile they wrote for me was a winner too.”  — Gina, Los Angeles — READ HER UPDATE:

“I learned so much about myself and the man I need in my life because of A Million Matches…They made dating easy. They took care of everything I needed (finding directions to a restaurant to advice on how to interpret things that happened on my first date to date-planning). The photographer took beautiful pictures of me…I just love spending time with [my match], we have sooo much in common and the time we spend together is sooo easy. I want to thank [A Million Matches]. I really appreciate you. I found someone I really like. Thank you for all your personal help.” — Merri, Toronto — READ HER UPDATE:

“I contacted A Million Matches (AMM) after considerable thought regarding my personal life. I have been separated for a number of years and found it difficult to think about dating again. AMM helped me focus in on what it was that I am looking for. They offered me considerable insight and guidance as I developed my profile and the criteria for my matches. Amelia and her team provided support with the on-line management of my accounts – I doubt that I would have been able to navigate the world of on-line dating without AMM. Thanks to AMM I have met a number of great men and my experience with AMM has certainly helped me move forward with this aspect of my life!” — Elena

“A Million Matches wrote my online dating profiles; arranged a photo shoot for me; did all my online set-up; and messaged the best people on the sites using template messages I approved. Every week they emailed me a few people who fit my preferences and were already interested in me. I got to choose who I wanted to get to know online and, ultimately, who I wanted to meet in person. The service was extremely helpful and the staff was very patient with me. I appreciated the service very much.”  — Lisa

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and the countless hours that you save me. You have been so helpful. I will definitely be recommending the service to many of my friends. Thank you for introducing me to the world of online dating! I have greatly appreciated all of your efforts.” — Deanna

“Quite frankly we are madly in love. I have A Million Matches to thank for it. I listened to the AMM coaches and concentrated on COMPATIBILITY. AMM helped me think outside of the box and open myself up to new opportunities. I did and it worked! The service is awesome and they totally know what they’re doing.” — Yolande

“[A Million Matches], I have found real strong chemistry with Caroline…We kinda know. Your service was a tremendous help in giving me the confidence and the moral support to navigate this powerful and intimidating online dating world. You helped me turn it into an adventure rather than an ordeal.” Richard

“A Million Matches did a great job. I’m a busy guy and I’m grateful for their help.” — Carl

“A Million Matches provided incredible insight into the men I interacted with online and were able to give me advice about who to talk to and who to avoid! After my dates they asked me to report about whether any guy I met made me feel unsafe or threatened in any way. I didn’t feel negative about anyone I met, but them keeping track of that stuff made me feel confident in referring my friends to the service. Because of Amelia and her team at A Million Matches, I’ve met an awesome guy. I would definitely recommend A Million Matches to anyone who wants to start dating in a fast and safe way.” — Johanna

“I used A Million Matches in the summer and I’m dating someone from® now after using it. I was on 4 sites that I never checked because it was so confusing to look at the pages of profiles I had to review. It was very very convenient to have a short list of matches sent to me across the various online dating sites every week or so. This is an excellent service and very helpful.” — Jim

“A Million Matches wrote my online dating profiles and chose my photos for ChristianMingle® and eHarmony®. I just wanted to say thank you to the staff for such great service. I felt like a valued client even though I picked a small package of services. I have met two wonderful men via eHarmony® – one of which is an amazingly compatible match. Time will tell, but thanks for contributing to my dating success so far. I will be passing on the A Million Matches name to friends and family!” — Anne

“I can’t believe A Million Matches found this girl. I’d been [online] dating on free sites for years and I never came across someone this spot on. Thanks to A Million Matches for their search.” — Amar

“My experience with A Million Matches went very well. Their first date recommendation for me was a man from ChristianMingle®. He is so wonderful. I think our relationship can really blossom into a strong commitment. He’s so attentive and such a gentleman. I have never been in relationship that has made me feel like this.” —Anonymous

“The match A Million Matches set me up with coincided with everything that I expressed to them that I desired in a partner. They did a beautiful job arranging everything, which made the process seamless. I have encouraged many friends and family to check out A Million Matches if they are serious enough about online dating and are looking for an alternative to go about it.” — Anonymous

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