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If you are a man with a very demanding life and very little free time on your hands to find your ideal match, we are your Relationship Broker. Our clients know it’s all about strategy in life and not wasting any time. We enjoy working for men who are highly selective and want and need to be very private in their search for the ideal mate.

Step 1: You interview

All information shared is held in the strictest confidence. Please view our Privacy Policy here. You receive a discreet, confidential interview with us. The interview explores your likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and personality traits.

We promise to treat you with respect and honesty. All information shared is held in the strictest confidence.

Step 2: We hand-pick your match

After the interview, you are matched with other A Million Matches recruits or outside candidates, based on your criteria and our professional instincts.

Once we find you the right match, we’ll phone you to tell you about your match.

Step 3: We introduce you

We plan everything, including when and where you will meet. We coordinate your schedules and choose a nice spot for a casual meeting. You take it from there.

A typical first introduction with A Million Matches could be brunch, lunch, or a coffee after work. All introductions are kept on a first name basis only in order to maintain your privacy and make the initial meeting as relaxed as possible.

Step 4: Feedback

To help ensure your complete satisfaction, we ask that you contact us with feedback following each date. We will use your comments and reactions to fine-tune your next match. It’s that easy!

We’re serious about your privacy; Please view our Privacy Policy here. The only information your match will know about you is: a) your first name; b) your occupation; c) a brief description of what you look like; d) why we think you are a good match for them; and e) any information that you specifically asked us to share with them. We never release your last name. We never release where you work or where you live. We never release your contact information – not even an email address.

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Pink Database Pool

In our private offline service, our members are male.  Women join our Pink Pool for an opportunity to meet our clients.  While you are not guaranteed to meet one of our clients while in the Pool, there are great benefits to joining:

1. Women in our Pink Pool are considered before anyone else when searching for new matches for our clients.  We find most of our clients’ matches from our Pool.  The only other way we find matches is by scouting outside women to be added to our Pool.

2. You can meet multiple people while in the Pool.  If you go out with one of our clients and it doesn’t work out, we’ll put you back in the Pool and continue to consider you for other clients.

3. We only add women to the Pool who we think we could match.

4. It’s FREE.

5. It’s a great way to add to your dating options.

6. All our clients are screened.


How It Works

We hand-pick a match from the Pink Pool and suggest this match to our client by sharing ONLY the following information:  a) her first name; b) her occupation; c) why we think she’s a good match; d) what she looks like and e) anything she specifically asks us to share.  We’ll also give her a call to tell her about our client. If you’d like to meet each other, we’ll plan your first date. It’s that easy!


Your Privacy

We’re serious about confidentiality and the protection of your personal information. Please view our Privacy Policy here.

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