Quiet mornings in bed. Conversations until 2:00am. Wordless intimacy. The good news is, your match is out there. The bad news is that it's 2019, and most matches have moved online — which means you need to, too. We handle the most distasteful and overwhelming parts of online dating for you — so all you have to feel is the butterflies.

1. Meet

I take the time to really get to know who you are (either in person or via video call) and what you desire in a partner.

2. Profile Creation

From a professionally crafted profile and research-based photo selections, your best self is presented on the sites that will bring you the best results.

3. Matchmaking

After sifting through thousands of people, I reach out and build a rapport with the most suitable ones – all using your words. Then I hand over matches who want to meet you.

4. Dates

Your dates are guaranteed. At every stage, I am available to give advice, encouragement and helpful tips to make you feel comfortable and confident.

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What People Say

  • “I’m positively thrilled with [my] profile.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the right mix of me! For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful.”

    KJ, New York

  • "A Million Matches found me a great match. It gets better every day with him. Highlights: very thorough, understanding, quick, and great follow-through."

    Lisa, New York

  • "We got engaged on our one-year anniversary on March 28, [2016]! It’s like a dream…thank you so much!!”

    Sabrina, New York

  • "A Million Matches does incredible work.  It didn’t take long to have two high quality dates.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

    Trace, Santa Cruz

  • "I was in control. I made all the decisions. But honestly, I wouldn’t be in a wonderful, loving, supportive relationship without AMM."

    Ken, British Columbia

  • " I didn’t know I could find someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this late in life, but A Million Matches found him."

    Gina, Los Angeles

  • "My whole life changed with A Million Matches.They gave me hope that I would find someone I was excited to be with. After just two months, they found me Michael."

    Sabrina, New York

  • "Joining A Million Matches took the stress away from online dating, while still leaving me some sense of agency. I am very pleased."

    Carla, Toronto

  • "I've been separated for years and found it difficult to think about dating again. AMM offered me considerable insight and guidance.  I've met a number of great men!"


  • "A Million Matches wrote my online dating profiles, arranged a photo shoot, and messaged the best people on the sites...the service was extremely helpful."


  • “Thank you so much for all of your hard work and the countless hours that you save me. I will definitely be recommending the service to many of my friends."


  • "Quite frankly we are madly in love. I have A Million Matches to thank for it. AMM helped me think outside of the box and open myself up to new opportunities."


  • "Your service was a tremendous help in giving me the confidence to navigate this intimidating online dating world. You turned it into an adventure rather than an ordeal.”


  • "After my dates, they asked me to report whether any guy I met made me feel unsafe. I didn’t, but them keeping track of that stuff made me feel confident. Because of A Million Matches, I’ve met an awesome guy."


  • "It was very, very convenient to have a short list of matches sent to me across the various online dating sites every week. I’m dating someone from® now after using it."


  • "Such great service. I felt like a valued client even though I picked a small package of services. I have met two wonderful men via eHarmony®."


  • “I can’t believe A Million Matches found this girl. I’d been [online] dating on free sites for years and I never came across someone this spot on."


  • "Their first recommendation for me was a man from ChristianMingle®. He is so wonderful. I have never been in relationship that has made me feel like this.”


  • "The match A Million Matches set me up with coincided with everything that I expressed to them that I desired in a partner. They did a beautiful job arranging everything."


  • I signed up for AMM's Six Date Package on 2 occasions, and am over the moon to now be engaged to someone I met on Plenty of Fish.  Ladies, there are good men out there -- don't give up!

    KH, Toronto 2018

  • Just a quick note to say how very happy I am these days! We are having such a great time… getting to know each other more and more. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be in love! Thank you again!


  • Following your advice on photos and using the profile you wrote has definitely made a huge difference in the number of people who contact me and their caliber.


  • I’m really happy to have you. I don’t feel so alone in this. So many times guys just stop responding or stuff happens, & I think it’s something I did wrong. It’s really reassuring to have an objective point of view and help navigating this process. People for so long have told me I'm too picky, so I struggle for the right balance. Glad to have you on my team!


  • We've been seeing each other steadily and I am really enjoying getting to know him. He has planned a 5-day getaway for us at the end of October! I feel very lucky right now, as I know from past experience that dating can be such a tough process.