Quiet mornings in bed. Conversations until 2:00am. Wordless intimacy. The good news is, your match is out there. The bad news is that it's 2018, and most matches have moved online — which means you need to, too. We handle the most distasteful and overwhelming parts of online dating for you — so all you have to feel is the butterflies.

1. Interview

We find out who you are and what you desire in a partner.

2. Profile Creation

We professionally write and set up your online profiles, including selecting or taking photos.

3. Matchmaking

We sift through thousands of people, ghostwrite initial greetings, and curate weekly shortlists of prospects who are interested in you.

4. Dates

We remain by your side after we find someone you’d like to meet. We provide image consulting and date coaching to seal the deal.

Why should you trust us?

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you dates with candidates you approve of beforehand. If you aren’t feeling it, we’ll keep looking.


Most of our clients start dating within three month’s time. Over 90% of them start a relationship with someone AMM found.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance underlies everything we do. Experienced, traditional matchmakers train our specialized staff, backed by decades of research, data and experience to support you at every turn.

Fresh & Frequent

We comb through sites constantly for new joiners, connecting with the most promising prospects before others do.


We cross-check images of matches to tell you as much as we can about them. If you meet someone and begin to date, we’ll do a professional background check.


If you’re worried about the stigma of online dating or simply worried about your photos being posted online, we have concrete solutions available for you to consider.

Quality Control

We know some of the “familiar faces” on dating sites and how they’ve interacted with clients of ours. We compile and use this information to ensure our clients spend time with the right people.


A Million Matches can provide personalized support for all your online dating needs, including dating profile photography, first date image consulting, and date planning.

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What People Say

  • “I’m positively thrilled with [my] profile.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the right mix of me! For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful.”

    KJ, New York

  • "A Million Matches found me a great match. It gets better every day with him. Highlights: very thorough, understanding, quick, and great follow-through."

    Lisa, New York

  • "We got engaged on our one-year anniversary on March 28, [2016]! It’s like a dream…thank you so much!!”

    Sabrina, New York

  • "A Million Matches does incredible work.  It didn’t take long to have two high quality dates.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

    Trace, Santa Cruz

  • "I was in control. I made all the decisions. But honestly, I wouldn’t be in a wonderful, loving, supportive relationship without AMM."

    Ken, British Columbia

  • " I didn’t know I could find someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this late in life, but A Million Matches found him."

    Gina, Los Angeles

  • "My whole life changed with A Million Matches.They gave me hope that I would find someone I was excited to be with. After just two months, they found me Michael."

    Sabrina, New York

  • "Joining A Million Matches took the stress away from online dating, while still leaving me some sense of agency. I am very pleased."

    Carla, Toronto

  • "I've been separated for years and found it difficult to think about dating again. AMM offered me considerable insight and guidance.  I've met a number of great men!"


  • "A Million Matches wrote my online dating profiles, arranged a photo shoot, and messaged the best people on the sites...the service was extremely helpful."


  • “Thank you so much for all of your hard work and the countless hours that you save me. I will definitely be recommending the service to many of my friends."


  • "Quite frankly we are madly in love. I have A Million Matches to thank for it. AMM helped me think outside of the box and open myself up to new opportunities."


  • "Your service was a tremendous help in giving me the confidence to navigate this intimidating online dating world. You turned it into an adventure rather than an ordeal.”


  • "After my dates, they asked me to report whether any guy I met made me feel unsafe. I didn’t, but them keeping track of that stuff made me feel confident. Because of A Million Matches, I’ve met an awesome guy."


  • "It was very, very convenient to have a short list of matches sent to me across the various online dating sites every week. I’m dating someone from® now after using it."


  • "Such great service. I felt like a valued client even though I picked a small package of services. I have met two wonderful men via eHarmony®."


  • “I can’t believe A Million Matches found this girl. I’d been [online] dating on free sites for years and I never came across someone this spot on."


  • "Their first recommendation for me was a man from ChristianMingle®. He is so wonderful. I have never been in relationship that has made me feel like this.”


  • "The match A Million Matches set me up with coincided with everything that I expressed to them that I desired in a partner. They did a beautiful job arranging everything."


  • I signed up for AMM's Six Date Package on 2 occasions, and am over the moon to now be engaged to someone I met on Plenty of Fish.  Ladies, there are good men out there -- don't give up!

    KH, Toronto 2018