Don’t Miss The Boat

Don’t Miss The Boat

In my 7 years as a professional Matchmaker, the most common question I get is: “Where are all the great single men?”  For various (and valid!) reasons, my clients – attractive, successful women – struggle to find ‘great men’.

You know where they are?  Online.

The stats for online dating success are good and getting better each year: 20% of relationships now start online, and 7% of couples married in 2015 met on a dating site.

At A Million Matches, the numbers are even greater.

Chances are, you’ve already heard a success story or two. Here’s another. Stella: in her early 40s, with 4 kids aged 7 months to 8 yrs, and no job prospects. Having dumped her philandering husband, she posted an incredibly honest profile on Match, claiming she had little to offer aside from being a good person. Within a couple weeks, she met a really great guy. Two years on, they are still going strong. And she’s happier than ever.

Online dating stretches you in ways you never imagined.

“I was actually married to a 6’2” Jewish guy the first time around, but then I ended up with a very cute, short Indian guy,” said Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group. “Sometimes you’d look at people in the real world and wonder, ‘that’s such an interesting couple. They clearly have chemistry, but I wouldn’t have seen them together.’ That happens on dating apps as well.”

Is it hard to put yourself out there with the masses? Yes.

Will there be frustrations? No doubt.  

Will you get unemployed men in their boxers texting from their parents’ basement? Possibly.

But the fact is, online dating works.

So you can wait to bump into Mr Right in line at Starbucks, or you can plug your nose and go online. It’s your call.  But know there are great guys hiding in the online haystack. If you are patient, smart about how you search, and willing to invest the time, you will find one.

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