The Basics: Explained

The Basics: Explained

Sometimes the hardest part of online dating is getting started. Where to even begin?!

The easy answer is to give A Million Matches a call. But if you are going it on your own, here are some pointers that will help you get on your way.  

Don’t obsess over details initially. You can refine and finesse your profile along the way.  

Photos: Bear in mind that men are visual and will judge you first and foremost on your photos. So take care to select your absolute best. And don’t rule out professional photos. People often make split-second decisions online. Photos that show you at your best could mean the difference between him swiping left or right. Check out our blog all about choosing the right photos.  

Profile: When it comes to profile writing, our number one tip is to keep things positive. Short, sweet, and fun will go a long way. Be genuine, say something unique about yourself, and ask a question to make it easy for men to reach out. You can’t go wrong if you are authentic and honest — especially honest. You’d hate to meet the right guy, only to lose him after date 3 once he finds out you weren’t truthful about something. Better to be upfront from the get-go and meet someone who wants you for who you are.

Communication: Burnout is real. Know that it’s OK to be a bit less polite online than you normally would in person. If your inbox is inundated with unsolicited emails, do a quick scan, then delete. Once you’ve connected with someone who seems to tick the “must have” boxes, skip the painful dinner and do your homework while online. Focus your time and energy on contacting (and responding to) men with the qualities you are looking for. You don’t need to wait for them to contact you! Here are some tips on writing the first ‘icebreaker’ email. 

Algorithms: Take advantage of the AI used by dating sites by giving as much information as you are comfortable sharing. You’d be surprised at how technical online dating has become. Meeting IRL is all about instincts and feelings, but when it comes to connecting online, it’s all science and math. AMM uses the best of both approaches to find matches in unexpectedly successful ways!

Expectations: Keep an open mind. Does his height really matter in the long run? Just don’t compromise on the important stuff: kids, socializing, travel—whatever is vitally important to you. It’s easy to dismiss people who don’t tick every single box when you feel there could be someone better a click away. Frankly, I’m usually suspicious of the guy who seems ‘perfect’. Cast your net wide, and don’t bypass anyone who might fit! You can always do more screening if they reply.  

Remember meeting the right person may take longer than you think. Be patient. You are looking for a life partner — one of the most important decisions you’ll make — the search should take time and effort.

Your partner is out there. But he is not likely to bump into you in the street. Why not increase your odds of finding him by whatever means you feel comfortable (or even slightly uncomfortable). Chances are, you will meet someone terrific!


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