Overcoming the Evils of Online Dating

Overcoming the Evils of Online Dating

In the beginning, online dating is all fun and games. Scrolling through great profiles, thinking “There are so many awesome men online!”

Then, reality sinks in. Who wants to put themselves out there, publicly announcing that you are on the lookout for a date? Frankly, at your age at this stage in life, do you really need a man, anyway?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know anyone who really enjoys online dating. It’s just one of those necessary evils that you have to do if you want to meet someone… And it would be nice to have the right man in your life.

But once you’re over 40, it’s hard to meet someone in the traditional way. Plus, there are so few quality single guys in your extended social circle (and so many fantastic single women!). So you dive online, and you quickly realize it’s:

Time Consuming (So many options, most of them wrong for you..)

Frustrating (What?! Only 18% of people reply?)

Demoralizing/Humiliating (OMG really, that guy thinks I would actually date him? Is that all I can attract?!)

Disheartening (Do they all lie?! His profile says 6’, but he’s shorter than I am!)

Sexist (I can’t believe that a woman’s popularity online peaks at 18, and for men, it’s 50! How is that fair?)

Depressing (Oh man, I really liked him – why did he ghost me after 3 great dates?!)

If you are like many of women out there, you throw in the towel after a few months.  

BUT DON’T!  Here are 3 reasons to (get) or stay online:

  1.  It’s not the thousands of singles you are missing out on if you aren’t online, but the ONE who could be right for you. The ONE you would never in a million years have met otherwise.

  2. Online dating is where people meet these days. That’s the reality. Stats show that 20% of today’s couples met online, and it’s estimated that by 2040, 70% of all relationships will begin online!

  3. Going on dates is good practice. If you haven’t been on a date for years (or decades), you may feel a bit rusty. So dust off your flirting skills and meet some of the men you find online. Not all of them will be right for you, but the more you meet and talk to men, the better equipped you’ll be to charm the RIGHT one.

So forge on, grow a thick skin, and learn not to take anything to do with the online dating world personally.

Or better yet, let A Million Matches do it for you. We remove the frustration, humiliation, exasperation and time commitment from the equation. We manage it all:  Great profile. Best photos. Creeps (every last one) deleted before you see them. Just great matches with the qualities you are looking for, delivered to your personal inbox.  

A new awesome man in your life… If he’s online—and you are—we will find him for you.

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