Outsource your online dating. A Million Matches handles the worst parts for you — so you can enjoy the best ones.

Years ago, a shaman in Cusco, Peru told me my life’s purpose was to build bridges between people. That gift for matchmaking became a career, and the rest is history.

But if I’m brutally honest, it’s not just my skills (being a sound judge of character, being exceptionally picky on my clients’ behalf, and sensing what — or who — someone really needs) that drew me to this work.

The real, compelling reason is that I’ve been there myself. Yup. I spent a decade dating online, before ultimately marrying and starting a family at 40. I know what it’s like to be a successful professional who’s just missing that “relationship” pillar from her life, but who cringes at the thought of putting herself online. Believe me — whatever grimly fatalistic thought you’ve had, I’ve had.

And I want to use my gifts to make the journey less crappy — dare I say, even kind of fun — for those coming after me. That’s the spirit at the core of A Million Matches. We combine best practices, research, really good gut instincts, and a supportive “we’re in this together” mentality to get you through the online dating process, and to the perfect partner on the other side. Outsource all the worst parts — setting up your profiles, sifting through prospects every week, saying hi — to us. You just sit back and do something you actually enjoy instead.

As for me? I’m a matchmaking addict. I’ve never held a job that I didn’t love. That’s why I have zero tambourine skills, no work experience in botany, and couldn’t pave a road if I tried. But helping my clients find lifelong love? I could do it all day. And night. And on weekends…

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