We handle the most challenging and time-consuming parts of online dating for you.

Over 75% — that is, 3 out of every 4 singles — in North America have tried online dating. Chances are your ideal partner is online.

It can take 6-8 hours of online dating to find a single quality date. Also, people spend 5 hours a week reading profiles, and 7 hours a week reading and responding to emails, for just 1.8 hours of offline interactions. The ratio of search time to interaction time is 7:1! That’s a lot of time and energy — especially if you don’t particularly enjoy it. A Million Matches lets you outsource all the worst parts of online dating to our experts — so you can just enjoy the good parts.

First, we get to know you. Strictly confidential.

It begins with a 60-minute video call with one of our matchmakers.  At A Million Matches, our goal isn’t to just get your likes, dislikes, wants & interests, but to develop an understanding of your narrative. We need to know how your ideal companion fits into your life.  All members are treated with the utmost respect and honesty. All information shared is held in the strictest confidence.

 Next, we set up your online profiles. (Don’t worry, you’ll approve them first.)

Through careful analysis, we abstract your interview details into your online dating profile and have a professional writer finesse it. We try to capture everything about you, while still leaving some mystery.  We employ a research-based photo selection process to identify the best photos for your profile. If needed, we will arrange for a professional, local photographer to take new photos of you.

Upon approval of your profile, we set up accounts on the online dating sites recommended for your goals.

 Then we comb through everyone, and say hi to the best prospects.

We sift through thousands of online dating profiles every week to find great candidates that match your preferences and are compatible with you. We send candidates a few initial messages you have approved in order to find out more about them and ensure they’re interested in you before sending them your way.

Weekly, we’ll send you a shortlists of top prospects.

These hand-picked candidates a) fit your preferences; b) are compatible with you; and c) are already interested in you.  You then choose who you’d like to get to know and, ultimately, who you’d like to meet in person. The control is always with you and you pick.

You choose, then you go on dates!

We set you up to win: briefing you before your date, making sure you’re comfortable, cheering you on, and checking in with you after. Our online dating experts are available to help you make sure your first date goes well, from informal date coaching to helping you pick a dress (or tie).

Why should you trust us?

Most of our clients start dating within a month’s time. Over 90% of them start a relationship within 3 months. We're very serious about what we do — and very good at it. But here are a few more reasons:

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you dates with candidates you approve of beforehand. If you aren’t feeling it, we’ll keep looking.


Most of our clients start dating within a month’s time and over 90% of them start a relationship within 3 months.  No other matchmaking service has this level of success.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance underlies everything we do. Experienced, traditional matchmakers train our specialized staff, backed by decades of research, data and experience to support you at every turn.

Fresh & Frequent

We comb through sites constantly for new joiners, connecting with the most promising prospects before others do.


We cross-check images of matches to tell you as much as we can about them. If you meet someone and begin to date, we’ll do a professional background check.


If you’re worried about the stigma of online dating or simply worried about your photos being posted online, we have concrete solutions available for you to consider.

Quality Control

We know some of the “familiar faces” on dating sites and how they’ve interacted with clients of ours. We compile and use this information to ensure our clients spend time with the right people.


A Million Matches can provide personalized support for all your online dating needs, including dating profile photography, first date image consulting, and date planning.