I handle the most challenging and time-consuming parts of online dating for you.

Online dating can be time-consuming, frustrating, and scary. But recent stats reveal that’s how 40% of couples now meet. Let me chip away on your behalf while you go about your life, knowing that you are one step closer to meeting your future partner. Outsource all the worst parts of online dating to me — so you can just enjoy the good parts.

First, I get to know you. Strictly confidential.

I begin by really getting to know you and what you seek in a partner. I go beyond likes and dislikes, to develop a thorough understanding of your story and how your ideal partner would fit into your life. Think of me as a trusted confidant.

 Next, I set up your online profiles. (Don’t worry, you’ll approve them first.)

After countless hours online, I know what makes someone stand out. I capture the essence of who you are in your online dating profile and have a professional writer finesse it. I pick your best photos, arranging for a professional photographer if necessary. Then I set up accounts on the most suitable online dating sites for you, such as Match or Bumble.

 Then I comb through everyone, and say hi to the best prospects.

I don’t sit back and wait for people to contact you. I sift through thousands of profiles to find those who match your preferences. After sending an initial message, I continue to build a rapport—using your own words—to ensure the match has all the qualities you are looking for. Once I know they’re interested, I send them your way.

 I spot the red flags.

I cull your inbox, politely rejecting anyone who is not the right fit. (A Million Matches never ‘ghosts’ anyone). I’m familiar with the usual suspects, and will get rid of the scammers before you ever see them.

I present matches for you to meet.

My handpicked matches fit your preferences and want to meet you. You then get to decide who you would like to meet. The final say is always yours.

You choose, then you go on dates!

I set you up to win: giving a pep talk before your date, making sure you’re comfortable and confident, helping you pick a dress (or tie), and providing a full debrief afterwards. My coaching continues, so that your first date turns into several dates.

Why entrust your online dating to me?

Online dating sites don’t vet their members. Wading through the masses to find a select few gems takes skill, experience and time. I’m serious about what I do — and (my clients tell me) very good at it.

My Guarantee

I guarantee to get you dates with suitable matches. There is no time pressure. If you aren’t feeling it, I will keep looking.

Personalized Attention

I accept a limited number of active clients, so that I can give my full attention and energy to helping you. When you need me, I am available.

Your Team

My small, dedicated team can be as involved with your online journey as you wish. A pre-date phone call for advice, texting for a debrief after a date, a question three months into a relationship. It’s up to you!

In Your Words, Not Mine

The reason I collect a lot of info on you is so that I am prepared to answer any questions – in your words, not mine. When I don’t know something, I will email you. I never make anything up.

Quality Control

I know many of the “familiar faces” on dating sites, and how they’ve interacted with clients of mine. I use this information to ensure you spend time with the right people.


I cross-check images of matches to tell you as much as I can about them. If you meet someone and begin to date, I’ll do a professional background check.

Fresh & Frequent

I comb through sites constantly for new joiners, connecting with the most promising prospects before others do.

No Algorithms

I thrive on making connections. So while algorithms can be helpful, I believe making the right connections still requires a human touch.


I dated online for a decade so I understand how it works, how you feel, and what you want to get out of it.


I feel genuine pride in what I do and nothing brings me greater joy than bringing people together.