What’s makes AMM different? The personal connection between each client and matchmaker, the guidance, and the appreciation.

“Just a quick note to say how very happy I am these days! We are having such a great time… getting to know each other more and more. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be in love! Thank you again!“ – Isabel

“Following your advice on photos and using the profile you wrote has definitely made a huge difference in the number of people who contact me and their caliber.” – Vlad

“I’m really happy to have you. I don’t feel so alone in this. So many times guys just stop responding or stuff happens, & I think it’s something I did wrong. It’s really reassuring to have an objective point of view and help navigating this process. People for so long have told me I’m too picky, so I struggle for the right balance. Glad to have you on my team!” – Janis

“We’ve been seeing each other steadily and I am really enjoying getting to know him. He has planned a 5-day getaway for us at the end of October! I feel very lucky right now, as I know from past experience that dating can be such a tough process.” – Sarah